Nightly homework routine (approximately 90 minutes total, even though the parent/student handbook allows up to 2 hours each night):

20 min math

10 min ensuring all classwork is complete

10 min of spelling/vocabulary review

10 min of recitation practice

5 min of math facts

15 min memorizing facts for upcoming tests

15-20 minutes of free reading

Students are required to write daily homework assignments in their Learning Log every day. This Learning Log should be taken home every night and returned the following morning. In addition, students and parents will have access to the weekly Homework-at-a-Glance (HAG) that is posted on the Bitmoji classroom. The HAG will also be emailed to parents in the weekly newsletter. The HAG can be used to help students plan ahead for busy nights. The weekly HAG, however, is subject to change and the daily learning log should be considered the most up-to-date and accurate.

If a student is absent, arrives late to school, or leaves early, then it is his/her responsibility to check the Homework-at-a-Glance sheet to see what work needs to be completed at home. If a student is absent for an entire school day, then he/she has an entire school day's worth of assignments to make-up. If a student is absent, then he/she will be given one extra day to complete the work.

Students have one lesson of math to complete every night as homework. The lesson should be identical to the one we covered in class. However, if students are struggling with the homework, they may use the homework helper attached to the assignment or go to the Bitmoji Classroom to see how Mrs. Mura-Smith solved the problems.

Students will have time each day in class to work on assignments in all other subjects. However, if a student does not complete the assignment during the school hours, then the assignment becomes homework to finish before the next school day.

It is important to set aside quiet time for homework each day. Students should complete the work independently, but parents should briefly check the homework to see that it is done accurately. Late homework is not accepted! Please make every effort to ensure the completion of homework each night.