Next Generation Science Standards We utilize FOSS (Full Option Science System) as our main curriculum to teach science. It has textbooks and online components to help teach the next generation science standards. There is a combination of hands-on science experiments, reading, and note-taking. If students are absent for days when the teacher is lecturing, the students will be responsible for filling in the information on their own or using the Bitmoji Classroom to copy the class notes. Science tests often require a great deal of memorization. Flash cards, or programs such as Quizlet, are encouraged to help students memorize the material. In addition, a practice slide show practice test is always offered before each unit test to help students prepare.

Quarter 1: Soils, Rocks and Landforms (Earth Science)

Quarter 2: Environments (Life Science)

Quarter 3: Environments (Life Science) and Energy (Physical Science)

Quarter 4: Energy (Physical Science)