*This is a new program this year. Please keep in mind that the following information is subject to change as we best adapt to the needs of the students with the curriculum.

Eureka: We are using the new Eureka Squared Math Program. This program is very similar to the Eureka program which was used previously. We will use the Learn book in the classroom. Students will use pages from the Apply book at home for homework.

Math Facts: Students should have all addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts memorized by December. Our work on fractions is much easier for the students who already know their facts. Students can use the X-TRA MATH or REFLEX websites to practice math facts. We use Xtra Math daily in class, but students all have an account to both websites that can be accessed at home, as well.

Eureka Homework Videos and Tutorials and Homework Pages This link will take you to videos to help re-explain the nightly homework. Unfortunately, these videos link to last year’s Eureka videos so the lesson may be incorrectly numbered. However, the way the math is taught is identical. Often times, additional videos can also be found on YouTube by searching for Eureka Grade 4 and including the math topic. Eureka videos

Math Homework Help/Answer keys If you are struggling with solving the math homework, try using the homework helper sheet in the homework packet to help you. If you need extra examples of how to solve the math problems, please click the math link on the Bitmoji Classroom to see how we solved them in class.