We have four main rules on campus and in our classroom.

1.Be Safe (Temperance)

2. Be Strong (Fortitude)

3. Be Respectful (Justice)

4. Be Responsible (Prudence)


Students can earn tickets and VIP (Virtues in Practice) postcards to encourage them to do the right thing.

Students can earn incentives individually, as a table group, or as the whole class. Students win prizes on Fridays. Incentives are given if a student:

  • earns 90% on a test or higher

  • is caught doing a virtuous act

  • completes homework on a regular basis

  • follows directions

  • shows tremendous effort

  • exhibits greatness


Behavior Consequences:

Students will receive consequences when they are not displaying virtuous behavior and have minor infractions. If this happens, they will add a stick to their pocket.

  • 1st stick = Warning

  • 2nd stick = Recess Detention

  • 3rd stick = After School Detention/Parent Contacted

  • 4th stick = No Fun Friday/Parent Conference

*Major infractions will be dealt with differently as outlined in the student/parent handbook.

Homework Consequences:

Students who do not complete nightly homework assignments will not be given credit in the gradebook. Late work is not accepted. Missing homework will be completed during recess. Students who are missing 3 or more assignments during the same week will not be allowed to participate in Fun Friday activities and parents will be notified.