*This is a new program this year. Please keep in mind that the following information is subject to change as we best adapt to the needs of the students with the curriculum.

This year we are using the History Alive curriculum. We are also supplementing from several other sources, including primary sources. Students will read content in class and fill out study guides. Tests will be based on the information in the study guides. Answer keys to all study guides can be found on the Bitmoji Classroom. There will be approximately two tests per quarter.

1st Quarter:

Ship Unit This is a short unit that is covered during the first three weeks of school. Students will learn about the life of a merchant marine sailor during the 1830s.

Gold Rush This unit will cover means of transportation to the Gold Rush, struggles of the pioneers and natives, and how the Gold Rush changed America. Students will also complete a wax museum project about an important historical figure from the Gold Rush during this quarter.

2nd Quarter:

Slavery This unit will cover historical facts about the causes of slavery. We will learn about life on a plantation, the Underground Railroad, and many historical figures during this time period.

Civil War This unit will cover the differences between the North and the South. We will learn the causes of the Civil War, about many of the leaders and heroes of the war, facts from the many battles, and how America recovered after the war. Students will complete a Civil War WebQuest during this quarter.

3rd Quarter:

Reconstruction and Immigration This unit will continue with America's recovery after the Civil War. It will also cover the rise of industry and the history of immigration to America.

Genealogy Students will complete a genealogy project during this quarter.

4th Quarter:

1910s-Present This unit will cover World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, The Korean War, Civil Rights Movement, and all major events leading up to the present day.